Science doesn't get more beautiful than with Rationale.

Since the brand’s inception 20 years ago, Rationale has provided Australia’s leading skin doctors with long term, scientific skincare solutions that deliver on their promises.  Rationale products actualise the natural and genetic potential of skin, employing skin identical ingredients and Isotropic technology to deliver our trademark luminosity. Good reasons why Rationale has become - and remains - the preferred cosmeceutical brand of Australian Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors.


The cornerstone of the Rationale range is Essential Six; a proven skincare regime comprising all of the essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals that Dermatologists agree your skin needs for maximum vitality and luminosity. The Essential Six products work in synergy, delivering the perfect combination of active ingredients at the correct concentration to be recognised and utilised by skin cells to achieve unprecedented results. The system is simple – 3 steps in the morning and 3 steps at night. Complete skin protection and repair. Sensational skin in just six steps. For all skin types.


The culmination of 20 years of Rationale R+D are their groundbreaking ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS. Formulations that are Skin Identical, delivering perfect synchronicity with the skin.

Rationale's revolutionary ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS deliver multiple skin benefits:
       •      targeted delivery of active ingredients
       •      Optimised cell-to-cell communication
       •      Fortification of barrier function
       •      Synergistic layering of each product to achieve maximum skin vitality and luminosity
       •      Every formulation is hydrating, revitalising enzymatic function and epidermal moisturisation
       •      Decreased skin sensitivity
       •      Preservative free formulations – a new industry benchmark

       The entire Rationale range, from the iconic Essential Six to the new range of
       super-luxe Hydrators and Specialist Products are 100% Isotropic.    

       Formulations as luxurious as they are powerful.

Specialist perspective on Rationale

Dr Hugh Roberts, Consultant Dermatologist

“I highly recommend Rationale to any patient looking to improve the appearance and luminosity of their skin. There are few skincare products that offer such a complete skincare package as Rationale. It offers an exceptional combination of cleansers, antioxidants, hydrating moisturisers and quality sunscreens. My entire practice staff and family all use the Essential Six range and I continue to be impressed by the improvement in their skin.”