Skin Cancer Screening

Peninsula Dermatology provides a full skin cancer screening, diagnosis and management service. The primary aim of skin cancer screening is to detect skin cancers at the earliest possible stage to enable prompt treatment.

All of the Dermatologists at Peninsula Dermatology have specialist training in the early detection and management of skin cancer. Unlike some skin cancer clinics, all skin cancer screening at Peninsula Dermatology is performed by the Dermatologist themselves to ensure that you receive the best possible skin examination.

Skin cancer screening usually involves the Dermatologist taking a thorough history to identify any lesions of concern and to establish the individual skin cancer risk of the patient. A thorough skin examination will then be performed with the aid of a dermatoscope. The dermatoscope is an instrument that has a special lens to allows the Dermatologist see structures underneath the top layers of the skin. In experienced hands, the dermatoscope improves the early detection of skin cancer and also reduces the need for biopsy of benign (harmless) skin lesions.